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Are Freestanding Bathtubs Practical in 2024?

Debating whether a freestanding tub is the right fit for your home? You may have heard that freestanding bathtubs are not practical purchases and that you are conflicted because you are interested in purchasing one. Well, today, we hope to address your concerns and tell you that:

Yes, freestanding bathtubs are practical

A freestanding bathtub is practical if you enjoy taking long, relaxing baths. A freestanding bathtub offers much more space to recline and fully relax than a smaller drop-in bathtub. Here are some practical benefits of a freestanding tub:

Comfortable Design

A freestanding bathtub offers much more space to recline and fully relax than a smaller drop-in bathtub. The design also permits full immersion of the body, which is ideal for individuals who have trouble fitting into a standard drop-in tub. The extra height and size of the bathtub also means that you can purchase additional accessories, such as pillows and neck rests, to increase your comfort further. Because the tub can be placed anywhere in your space, you don’t have to worry about being restricted by a wall during bathing. 

Great for Soaking

Long soaks are great for your joints and your muscles. The great thing about a freestanding tub is that it has increased depth to allow for full immersion which means a better soak. Combined with the higher-quality materials used in construction of a freestanding tub, your bathtub will stay hotter for longer, reducing your energy bill while you bathe.


The most prominent benefit is the pure aesthetic value of a freestanding tub. Traditional bathtubs are hidden beneath an ingress and walls, whereas a freestanding bathtub is fully out for display. This gives you a good excuse to show off a material you are proud of, such as copper, marble, porcelain, or stone resin. And because your material is fully on display, you can easily tie in your bathroom’s aesthetic around your bathtub to create either a contemporary or classic look. 


Although it may not seem like it, a freestanding bathtub provides versatility. These bathtubs can also be placed anywhere in your bathroom and do not require an existing recess or adjacent walls, which saves space. Additionally, you can attach a showerhead and some shower curtains to provide more daily function out of your bathtub. The freedom to place it anywhere in your bathroom can free up much-needed floor space and give you increased design flexibility.


Freestanding bathtubs are made of higher quality material than most drop-in bathtubs. This is because freestanding bathtubs need to be made of durable material otherwise their structure can fail or leak. For this reason, freestanding bathtubs can withstand a great deal of punishment and is more suited for a busy household. The increase in quality also means more comfort during bathing. 

Negatives of a freestanding tub

There are some drawbacks to a freestanding bathtub:


Their size is a benefit and a negative, as not all homes can accommodate their large size. A freestanding tub is not ideal if you live in a small space such as an apartment or your floors are not reinforced. While there are more minor variants, such as soaking tubs, freestanding bathtubs are generally quite large, and you will need a large space to accommodate them.


Their increased size also means they are more challenging to install due to their weight. This means you will have to pay an increased install cost. Additionally, you want to reinforce your flooring if your freestanding tub is made of a heavy material such as steel or cast iron. A heavy tub will gain roughly 800-900 pounds, so be careful. 

Can be expensive to use daily

Freestanding bathtubs require a large quantity of water to fill, and over time, if you use it every day, you will quickly amass a hefty water bill. Additionally, if you choose a lower-quality tub, heavy usage will eventually wear down the material, making it look faded or dull.

Who are they for?

Freestanding bathtubs are ideal for large families, particularly those with small children. They are also great for the elderly and larger individuals who can’t fit comfortably into smaller tubs. They are designed for homes and master bathrooms where they can be seated with ample space without feeling too cramped. 

  • Large Families
  • Elderly
  • Large/Tall Individuals
  • Large and Medium Homes
  • Large Apartments

While freestanding bathtubs are not for every home, they fill a practical purpose for the homes that can support them. Just ensure that you have ample space so you can utilize it properly.

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