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Are bathroom renovations worth it?

Yes, bathroom renovations are always worth it-not only do they allow you to update old fixtures and aesthetics, but they also increase the value of your home.  They can also provide additional benefits which will be covered in this article.

Why are Bathroom Renovations worth it? 

Bathroom renovations can breathe new life into your existing bathroom and allow you to update any old or dated elements, adding more functionality to your bathroom. Additionally, the investment you put into your renovation will also increase your home’s value. Here are some main reasons why you should consider a bathroom renovation: 

Increases home value 

One of the primary reasons you should consider a bathroom renovation is to increase your home’s value. Bathrooms are always in high demand, and any material investment you apply to your home can help make your home more attractive. A mid-range will provide an return on investment of 70 percent, and an upscale remodel will provide an ROI of 56 percent. 

Improve the visual aesthetics

An update to your bathroom can provide a great excuse to improve the visuals of your bathroom. Over time, a bathroom’s appearance and décor can grow stale and dated. Depending on your preference, updating your color scheme can make your bathroom feel more classic or modern. You can hang more wall art or use the space to add more plants for vibrancy and green. Regardless, a renovation provides a unique opportunity to change any aspects of your bathroom layout and make your space more comfortable.

Add Additional Functionality

In addition to improving the visual aesthetics of your bathroom, a remodel can provide more functionality to your bathroom. For example, perhaps you realize that you want more storage space, so now you can add a medicine cabinet or an additional vanity to help sort out your bathroom. Or your bathroom may be too dark at night, so additional lighting can help make your bathroom much safer and easier to use. And while we are on the topic, consider adding more comfortable tiles, especially when it gets cold. 

Repair Broken or Outdated Elements

A remodel can provide a great time to replace or repair broken and outdated fixtures in your bathroom. Over time, fixtures such as your sink faucet, toilet, and even your bathtub can deteriorate, especially with continual use. A remodel allows you to replace these fixtures and update them with better materials, ensuring their longevity for years to come.  

Upgrade to Eco-friendly

Another option to consider when updating your bathroom is eco-friendly. These options can range from recycled material for vanities, cabinets, wallpaper, and more energy-efficient lighting sources. In addition, modern faucet and toilet designs are created to save more water, so consider updating them. Eco-friendly options are environmentally friendly and can lower your water bill as well. 

Safety Updates for Kids and Elderly

A bathroom remodel can provide an excellent opportunity to include safety updates for children and the Elderly. Additional support bars or non-slip flooring can make all the difference in providing additional support. Consider your bathroom space carefully and install flooring with grip and ensure that a shower or trip to the bathroom is stress and hazard-free. 

Are Bathroom remodels a good investment? 

Bathroom remodels provide a good investment for any home due to their stability. Bathrooms will always remain an important fixture in a home, and their demand will only increase over time, increasing the resale value of your home. Therefore, investing in better materials and updating your fixtures and aesthetics will only work to your benefit as you create a bathroom that is much more appealing to use and comfortable, while updating fixtures and materials can provide a good investment in the long term.

How often should I renovate my bathroom?

Bathroom renovations can be quite costly, both from a monetary standpoint and time, so you should only renovate your bathroom every four to five years. Generally speaking, four to five years is when many bathroom materials will fade, and fixtures will start showing signs of wear, so this time frame becomes a natural point to consider renovations. Additionally, you might decide that your bathroom’s look is either outdated or tired, so you can consider renovations every 2 years or so, depending on your budget and mood. 

Bathroom Renovation Project Lists

Generally, you want to focus on these key elements when updating your bathroom. The elements below will help tie your entire bathroom altogether. 

A bathroom remodel can provide a great excuse to update your existing bathroom and start fresh. On the other hand, it can also allow you to re-evaluate what you want most out of your bathroom and focus on those key elements. So whichever you decide, consider a bathroom renovation if you want to make your bathroom feel modern and more comfortable. 

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