The BW-06-XL-BLK freestanding bathtub brings modern style and tranquil comfort to your bathroom. The elegant design is perfect for those who want to revamp their old bathroom to look like a chic, resort-style spa. And, with ample legroom and depth, there’s plenty of space for one or two people to enjoy a relaxing soak.

Sit back and relax! The ergonomic interior of this freestanding tub is gently angled to support the back and slightly elevate the legs, giving the sensation of free-floating. Bring the bubbles and drift off into pure bliss. You’ll be able to stay there longer thanks to excellent heat retention from naturally insulating materials.

Eco-friendly design and materials make this a smart and luxurious choice for your bathroom. Natural minerals and real acrylic polymer are extremely durable and non-porous. This tub will last for years to come without losing its glossy sheen. Choose from Black, Matte White, or Glossy White and coordinate perfectly with your bathroom’s color scheme. Designed for use with floor and wall-mounted faucets, this versatile tub looks great in any space.

Dimensions: 66.9 x 28.3 x 21.7 in
Rim: 1 - 1.2 in
Weight: 511 lbs
Capacity: 72 gal
Color: Matte White, Glossy White

Similar to Corian, stone resin is a composite of acrylic polymer and natural minerals. It is an ideal material for high quality bath fixtures as the heat retention is amazing. Our products are manufactured to be eco-friendly using non-toxic materials that are safe for our clients. It is 100% non-porous and is unaffected by external forces such as moisture and humidity.

Because of difference characteristics in the matte and glossy finish there can be minimal differences in the sizes.

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bw-06 freestanding tub with faucet

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