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20 remodel your bathroom on a budget Ideas

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom there are quite a few very expensive options on the market. But for those that have tighter budget concerns, we have compiled a few ideas that will allow you to update your bathroom without hurting your wallet. 

Purchase Less Popular Countertop Colors

Countertop materials can be quite expensive, especially popular ones. On average, granite counters range from $50-250 per square foot, solid surfaces are at 35$ per square foot and tile counters can start at around $10. By purchasing more affordable countertop materials, you can lower the cost of your bathroom remodel significantly, allowing you to utilize the money more effectively such as new fixtures or other flooring and walling solutions. You can then paint or utilize fixtures to make the countertop mesh with the rest of your bathroom. This way, you do not lose out aesthetically and you save a fair bit of money as well. 

Update Sink and Light Fixtures

With constant use, your sink and light fixtures will start to show heavy wear and tear. Consider replacing these fixtures with higher quality ones to drastically improve their lifespan. In a similar vein, updating your sink and light fixtures can greatly improve the aesthetic of your bathroom. More vibrant lights can greatly illuminate and draw attention to areas that were previously hidden, so don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple light riggings to change the appearance of your bathroom. 

Buy Refinished Bathtubs

Bathtubs can be quite costly items to purchase, especially if they are new. A new freestanding bathtub can run anywhere from 1500-3,000 depending on the material used. A refinished bathtub on the other hand, allows you to purchase a quality bathtub at a sizable discount, providing you with both a bathtub and a great deal of money afterwards. In a similar vein, you can refinish your existing bathtub to provide an updated look and to protect it from future cracks and leaks from use. A refinished bathtub can drastically update the look of your bathtub and make it appear just as new for a fraction of the cost of a new bathtub. 

Consider Buying Used Decor

The amenities and additions to a bathroom can be quite costly if you are buying new. Luckily, there exists a gigantic second-hand market for many bathroom accessories and utility items. In addition to saving a great deal of money buying used items, these items can also be repurposed to look better than new decor with the right paint or color scheme to match. With just a little extra effort, you can turn used decor to look better than new. 

Find Granite Alternatives

Granite rates among one of the most costly materials on the market due to it’s high durability and aesthetic appeal. That being said, granite is also one of the heaviest materials on the market, resulting in higher install costs. If you are looking for the look of natural stone, there exist quite a few composite materials that copy the look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Stone resin is one such material, offering a composite material that has the look of natural stone but is still lightweight and quite affordable. 

Buy Inexpensive New Floor Materials

Floor material can grow to be quite costly, especially if you want more expensive material such as porcelain, natural stone or wood. Consider looking into alternative materials that aren’t as expensive, such as cork instead of wood, or ceramic tile instead of natural stone. While flooring may not initially seem like a costly investment, more expensive material will quickly add up and put a hamper on your budget. 

Add Decor to the walls

The walls and floor of your bathroom can drastically impact it’s mood and atmosphere. A hand drawn picture, hanging plants or just contrasting material such as wood panels can help make a drab space seem more warm and inviting. There is a wide range of different decor that you can experiment with and tweak according to your budget. Just remember to have an overall vision before adding too much to your walls-a little bit goes a long way. 

Consider Hardwood Accents

Hardwood can make any home look sophisticated and cozy. While the pattern and design may not fit every home and bathroom, consider it’s place in your bathroom. Hardwood accents mesh well with any rustic style home or even more modern looks as well. 

Find Tile Alternatives for Walls or Floors

As stated previously, tile can be quite expensive. In lieu of more expensive patterns and designs, you can look for more cost effective tile alternatives that won’t weigh down on your budget. In a similar fashion, you can use some tile, then use a substitute material to finish the design. So long as your overall design is symmetrical, you can create a visually interesting pattern that will still enchant your guests while keeping to your budget.  

Find or Purchase a New Mirror

Mirrors are an important aspect of almost any bathroom, allowing any guest to make any changes to their appearance. If your bathroom is lacking a mirror, the addition of a new mirror can drastically alter your bathroom’s current atmosphere and usefulness. Instead of just a room to access toiletries, your bathroom will become a welcome area for guests to adjust and get ready.

Find new Frames for Mirrors

And while we are on the subject of mirrors, new frames can greatly emphasize key aspects to your mirror. Frames can add accents and can compliment whatever aesthetic your bathroom has, whether it is classical or modern. Sleek frames or muted colors mesh well with modern style bathrooms, whereas gold, bronze and silver trim frames compliment classic style mirror frames. With the right frame and lighting setup, your mirror can appear larger and wider than it actually is.  

Add New Faucets

An often overlooked aspect of the bathroom would be the sink and bathtub faucets. Faucets are available in a wide variety of high quality materials such as brass, stainless steel and many composite materials. If you are looking for more affordable materials, there are many composite materials such as zinc alloy that can be refinished with brass, nickel, pewter or gold to give off the appearance of these materials at a much more affordable rate. With the right finish, a new faucet can greatly complement any sink and bathtub and make it stand out in your bathroom.  

Add New Storage Units

Space is always a premium in any bathroom so added storage is always welcome. You can add storage units under your sink vanity or install more drawers and cabinets. Although it may seem cramped to store so many objects in your bathroom, clever organizational planning will never make your bathroom appear cramped. Shower caddies are another example-allowing you to store useful items in an easy to access area. Consider what new areas you can place storage and plan around it to make your bathroom a more useful space in regards to the rest of your house.

Add Wooden Accents to Bathroom Ceiling

Wooden accents can help bring a cozy and more rustic feel to your bathroom. In addition to providing additional support to your ceiling, the wooden accents can help contrast against the more modern designs of white tile and darker stone. You can also add to this by hanging lights on these accents to provide a nice contrast to the wood as well. 

Paint your Bathtub

A splash of color can bring new life into your old bathtub. While it certainly can’t replace your existing bathtub, painting your old bathtub can make it appear much more attractive. Paint can allow you to cover up any existing blemishes and stains that may have accumulated, making your bathtub feel like new. If you are already remodeling the aesthetic of your current bathroom, repainting your bathtub can provide a refreshing face lift to your old design without costing you a new bathtub. 

Add new Caulk and Grout to Bathroom

Caulk and grout inevitably erode with use and some of your fixtures may not be as stable as a result. Replacing the caulk and grout on your fixtures can help you feel more secure and safe about using them. Caulk and grout is also fairly cheap and not incredibly labor intensive, so this can provide you with an inexpensive means of updating and remodeling your bathroom. Replacing the caulking and grout on every fixture can help your guests feel ultimately more safe and secure. 

Add decorative towels

Decorative towels can add a splash of color to your bathroom. With the right towel combination, you can greatly impact how your bathroom feels. As with other decor, you can experiment with different color combinations and see what works well with your home. Coupled with a neat towel rack, your bathroom will feel immediately more welcoming. 

Touch up your bathroom walls with paint

Paint can help breathe fresh new life into your bathroom without breaking the bank. New paint can drastically alter the tone and mood of your bathroom such as more vibrant colors like greens and bright blues, to more modern and sleek colors such as black, greys and whites. Painting your walls can also provide a nice touch up in terms of updating the look of your whole bathroom without installing or replacing any new fixtures. 

Change Shower Fixtures

Shower fixtures can grow to be mundane and everyday, especially when you interact with the same fixtures on a constant basis. Consider switching your fixtures up-if your shower fixture is stationary and wall-mounted, consider swapping in a removable shower head. Add different settings to your shower such as massage features and extenders. These upgrades are both easy to install and very affordable while making your shower feel completely different.

Add Bath Matts for a Pop of color

Bathroom designs are typically drab and devoid of color. Plants, rugs and decor are great solutions to this, designed to add a splash of color to your bathroom. You can find a large selection of bath matts with a wide range of patterns, colors and materials. Find bath matts that suit your bathroom’s sensibilities to make your bathroom appear more vibrant and alive. 

Add Towel Hangers on the bathroom walls

Keeping your bathroom neat and orderly will do wonders for when you go to use it. Towel hangers are a great way to both display your towel collection while making your bathroom appear more presentable and tidy. In addition, towel hangers are very affordable and easy to install, making them ideal for any bathroom size.  

Add Bathroom Plants

Plants help to breathe life and vibrancy into a space. Bathroom plants are an inexpensive way to add a splash of color to your bathroom that can also carry small health benefits as well. You can add large ferns near your bathtub or hanging aloe vera-you have a great deal of variety to play with. Just bear in mind what plants you keep and make them suitable to your environment as many bathrooms can grow to be damp and humid areas. Even something as simple as a potted flower on your counter can help to make your bathroom appear much more pleasant. 

Add a focal point of decor for you bathroom

A focal point in your bathroom is essential for drawing attention in your bathroom. It can be expensive and extravagant as a hanging chandelier or a large rug to something simple like a vase with a few flowers. A focal point helps to tie in the rest of your bathroom, creating a starting point for the style you want to achieve. It can also compliment or contrast against the style of your bathroom to create a more aesthetically interesting bathroom. 

Consider new Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can grow to be quite stale and mundane when you see them daily. Consider swapping in new shower curtains to breathe new life into your bathroom. Outside of just color and design, you can also look into changing the material of your shower curtain. The great benefit of this remodel idea is that it is very cost-effective and it can drastically alter how your bathroom appears aesthetically. 

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