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New Year, New Bathroom, How to Glamorize Your Tubs & Sinks

by Badeloft | March 28, 2017

It’s a new year, the time of year when many of us vow to create the homes of our dreams. If a new bathroom is on your list, let’s start by glamorizing your tubs and sinks. These simple changes can make a world of difference to your bathroom’s function and appeal.

Does it Need an Update?

Older sinks and tubs often show their age, not only with stains, worn spots, and stubborn mineral deposits but also with their dated designs. A new freestanding sink from Badeloft could quickly solve both problems. Meanwhile, nothing says glamour more than a freestanding bathtub! Gorgeous modern designs are available that convert a boring space into a relaxing retreat. Plus, a freestanding bathtub becomes the focal point of a room.

Splurge on Fixtures

If your current bathroom sink and tub have good “bones,” luxurious fixtures like new faucets, a freestanding faucet with a handheld shower wand, or upgraded light fixtures could be worth the splurge. Speaking of lighting, consider replacing your bulbs with LEDs, which can both brighten the room and reduce your energy bills. You could also add colored LED ribbon lights for a glamorous effect at night.

Upgrade Your Towels and Shower Curtains

When was the last time you replaced these essential daily items? Chances are, they’re past their prime. Splurge on luxury bath towels; they are worth the price difference.

Clear the Clutter

Vanity sinks, bathtub decks, and window ledges have a way of accumulating cosmetics, toiletries, brushes, tissue boxes, medications, cleaning supplies, and an assortment of bottles. Though necessary, all of these supplies don’t necessarily need to dominate the space. Remove what’s not needed and put everything else away. If the bathroom lacks adequate storage space, pretty baskets are a must. Matching shampoo, conditioner, and soap dispensers can add a glamorous touch while keeping what you need within arms reach.

Create a Real Vanity, Not Just a Bathroom Counter

For a glamorous makeover, assuming your bathroom has the space for it, consider adding an actual vanity set complete with a small table, mirror, lighting, and a chair. You’ll feel like a movie star as you prepare for the day. However, take care to keep your vanity free of clutter by putting your makeup and brushes away promptly when done.

These are but a few ideas to help you get started rejuvenating your bathroom for the new year. Start now by clearing out the clutter and exploring freestanding bathtubs, freestanding sinks, and luxurious bathroom fixtures available online

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