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6 Ways to Make Your Showers More Productive

by Badeloft | November 10, 2016

Do you wake up like a zombie, stumble into the shower, and hope to emerge clean and refreshed? Chances are, you do manage to clean your body and wake up. However, are you taking full advantage of this uninterrupted block of time each day? Use the tips below to make your showers more productive.

1. Steam your clothes in the shower.

Dread ironing first thing in the morning? Taking a hot shower generates a lot of steam, so put it to use by bringing your work clothes into the bathroom with you. The steam will help reduce wrinkles. This can be so effective that you won’t even need to use the iron.

2. Relieve stress.

Your shower may be the only quiet time you get all day, especially if you work by day and have children or an elderly parent to care for when you come home. Use this chunk of quiet time to meditate, pray, sing your favorite song, or practice mindfulness. Some people even do gentle stretches and light exercise in the shower; however, with its slippery environment, you may want to save those activities for afterward when you’re safely out of the shower enclosure and drying off.

3. Learn something new.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers make it possible to listen to the latest podcasts and audio recordings while in the shower. Whether you want to learn a new skill, get motivated, or review material, listening to podcasts while showering is a great way to learn something new without sacrificing additional time.

4. Wipe down the shower enclosure and shower door when your shower is complete.

Few people enjoy scouring shower tiles and cleaning soap scum off of shower doors. These can be huge jobs, especially if it’s been a while since you last tackled them. However, if you routinely wipe down the tiles and squeegee the water off the glass doors when you’re done, your shower will look clean and sparkling every day.

5. Practice your pitch.

Whether you’re a salesperson, entrepreneur, or run-of-the-mill employee, you will likely need to pitch something to somebody at some point. Use your shower time to practice your pitch. For example, if you’re approaching venture capitalists, practice your pitch in the shower. If you’re preparing for a job interview, practice your responses. It’s helpful to verbalize your responses so that you can hear how they sound when spoken out loud.

6. Brainstorm.

Showers provide a quiet environment for brainstorming ideas and solving problems. It’s just you and your thoughts, so go ahead and throw some ideas out there. You can approach your shower brainstorming session in different ways. For example, you might want to brainstorm ideas before jumping in the shower and then letting your mind wander while showering, allowing your subconscious some time to process the ideas you formulated earlier. Another approach is to use the time in the shower to focus on a given problem and come up with potential solutions to it.

According to, the average shower in the United States last 8.2 minutes. That equals 41 minutes per work week or 35 and a half hours per year. What will you do with all that extra time?



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