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5 Reasons Your Morning Shower Can Make Your More Productive at Work

Have you ever wondered if it makes a difference when you take a shower — in the morning before work or at night before bed? If you’re looking for a productivity boost before work, consider taking a shower in the morning. Below are five reasons why doing so can make you more productive at work.

  1. You’ll look and feel fresh. Taking a shower in the morning wakes you up, and you’ll be squeaky clean and ready for the workday. Not only will you feel rejuvenated, you’ll smell nice, too.
  1. If you want a serious productivity boost, consider taking a cold shower in the morning. It’s not for the faint of heart, but a cold shower helps energize you and improves circulation. Cold showers are even thought to boost immunity so not only are you more productive, you may have to take fewer sick days. While the thought of jumping into an ice-cold shower first thing in the morning might not appeal, you can start out warm and then adjust the water temperature toward the end.
  1. Showering in the morning before work can give you a solid block of “me” time. We all need time for ourselves, yet we rarely get it. If you have a demanding day ahead, your morning shower may be the only time you have to focus on yourself. Get up early, grab a book, and relax in a 5-foot freestanding tub before starting your day.
  1. Closely related to point number 3, morning showers provide much-needed quiet time, time that can be used to meditate or plan the day ahead. Thus, even if you have some “me” time scheduled into your day beyond the morning shower, you may want to take advantage of the peace and quiet to plan your day.
  1. Morning showers may be able to help with problem-solving, too. For starters, you can use the time to run through various scenarios. For example, if you’ve been dreading an upcoming meeting with your boss, you might practice your responses to various inquiries. Showers and baths can also serve as an “incubation period” where you first consider a problem and possible solutions and then let them simmer in your subconscious for a while.

So, what do you think? Are you more productive on days when you shower before work?


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