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What is a Ramp Sink? 2020 Guide to Ramp Sinks

ramp sink example.
by Badeloft | September 26, 2020


A ramp sink is a sink that has a slope in place of a traditional bowl that extends downwards much like a ramp. This design has been growing increasingly in popularity as it creates a more modern and sleek design than the traditional sink design. 

Key features of a ramp sink

The primary feature of a ramp sink is that it has a downward slope where water flows into the drain. This ramp is what sets this sink apart from other designs as it replaces the standard bowl with a slicker area to collect water. as it creates a more modern appearance, but asi

  • Ramp- The primary function of a ramp sink is it’s ramp. This ramp functions as the bowl of the sink, collecting water and providing a slicker way for water to reach the drain. 
  • Slot Drain- A slot drain is a linear drain that collects water and other liquid. This drain works in tandem with the ramp design, as the drain itself is barely visible, creating a more attractive appearance.
  • Faucet- The faucet of a ramp sink is similar to other sink faucets, giving you a wide flexibility between wall mount and standard faucet designs. 
  • Tailpiece- The tailpiece is a straight section of pipe that connects to the bottom of the sink drain fitting. This tailpiece attaches to the drain fitting with a slip nut that can be tightened and loosened by hand, together with a tapered washer, this creates a watertight seal. 
  • Soap Holes- A soap hole is an optional installation hole that can house a soap dispenser. As this feature is optional, not all sinks will have it, but it is ideal for those that want to install a soap dispenser with their sink.

Ramp Sink Materials 

Ramp sink materials are made from a wide variety of materials such as concrete, quartz, stone resin, marble and granite. Each material comes with their own benefits and differs through pricing, weight and aesthetics. 

  • Concrete-Concrete is a relatively new sink material and offers a sink that is incredibly durable-able to take a great deal of punishment for at least 60 years with proper care. Concrete is also fairly low maintenance and is popular because it is installed as one piece and can be molded into almost any shape or size.
  • Quartz-Quartz is an engineered material that is highly resistant to high temperatures and very durable. Unlike concrete, quartz is non-porous, meaning that it will retain it’s form and not erode. 
  • Stone Resin-Similar to quartz, stone resin is another engineered material that has the look of natural stone. Stone resin is also highly resistant to high temperatures, highly durable and much more affordable than natural stone, making it a popular material.
  • Marble-A natural material that is durable, temperature resistant and aesthetically attractive. Like many natural materials, it is prone to scratching, stains and will require some maintenance with heavy use. 
  • Granite-Granite is a natural stone material that is durable, long lasting and resistant to high heat and stains. Since it is natural stone, granite tends to be one of the most expensive materials on the market due to its unique aesthetic and it’s durable properties. That being said, granite sinks are high quality sinks although additional installation costs will be associated with this material due to its weight.

Ramp Sink Sizes

Ramp sinks can vary in different sizes, but all of them share an average height ranging from 4-6 inches. The average size of a ramp sink is 23.6 inches long, 16.5 inches wide with a height of around 5.3 inches. (23.6”Lx16.5”Wx5.3)

The largest of these would be 40 inches long, 18 inches wide, with a height of 5.6 inches.(40”Lx18”Wx5.6”H)

The median size between the average and the large size would be 24 inches long, 19 inches wide, with a height of 5 inches.(24”Lx19”Wx5”H) Lastly, there are double sinks with a dimension of 28.8 inches long, 16.1 inches wide with a height of 5.3. (28.8”Lx16.1”Wx5.3”H)


Ramp sinks come in different styles which makes them appropriate for different bathrooms. Each comes with their own benefits and negatives and will depend on what you want in terms of size and style. 

  • Wall Mount-A wall mount sink is mounted on a wall, then secured. All fixtures are attached to the sink, making this a popular choice for those looking to save space. In addition to saving space, a wall mount is also seen as modern and very attractive. The only real drawback is a lack of storage or counters. is a popular choice as it makes the sink flush with the wall, saving space. This style places the wall
  • Floating-A floating sink is similar to a wall-mount sink, with the exception that the fixtures and the sink are attached to the wall as well. Similarly, they allow you to save space but many floating sinks also have floating vanities alongside them, solving the space issue. 
  • Undermount-An undermount sink is a sink that is installed below the counter, with the edge of the sink flush with the counter. This style gives you more counter space and makes your sink more attractive, although it is much more difficult to install than the other styles. 
  • Double Ramp Sink-A double ramp sink is a sink consisting of a much wider ramp. This allows for an easier collection of water and can accommodate multiple users at once. The advantage of this is a larger sink area to use at the loss of counter space.
black ramp sink double.

Colors and Finishes 

The proper colors and finishes can do wonders for your bathroom. The perfect color combinations can easily establish the perfect mood and brighten up your bathroom or ruin it, so it is important to pick the correct colors that suit your home. 

  • Concrete-A nice splash of concrete can help to make your sink appear sturdy and modern. Similar to slate, concrete can blend nicely in a dark color scheme and pairs well with white, black and greys.
  • Limestone-A limestone finish provides a sink with a more natural feel. This can help make a more man-made material like Concrete appear similar to natural stone.
  • Matte-A matte finish can help make your sink appear more classic. This is typically a desired finish on more natural stone sinks where you don’t want the color to detract from the material’s natural beauty.
  • Glossy White-A vibrant color scheme, glossy white can breathe life into a dull bathroom. White pairs well with both bright color schemes and dark color schemes as well.
  • Black Matte-A traditional color, black matte pairs well with a more modern color bathroom. The black blends well with other darker colors or you can use it to make a statement piece in a brighter bathroom.
  • Taupe-Taupe blends well with almost any color scheme. The nice grey tone can help make a bathroom appear more modern or bring a classic touch in an older bathroom.


Installing a ramp sink can be done by yourself but depending on the material used, you might require some assistance. Ramp sinks are one piece, not counting the attached single slot drains, so they can be placed fairly easily in most homes. A professional usually isn’t necessary as most sink installations are pretty straightforward, although if you have limited experience with plumbing systems or sink installations, you may want to consult some guides before installing. 

Additions to a Ramp Sink

If you want your ramp sink to stand out a bit more, there are a few features and amenities that you can add to spruce up your bathroom. 

  • Vanity-A proper vanity can do wonders for setting your sink apart. In addition to providing a stronger aesthetic boost to your ramp sink, a good vanity also provides you with adequate drawers and storage space as well. 
  • Drawers-An attachment to a vanity are drawers and additional storage space. Bathrooms can get cramped and having access to storage space is a necessity to any busy home.
  • Soap Holes-Soap holes are holes that allow for a soap dispenser to be installed. This is a great addition for those that don’t want the aesthetics of a plastic bottle on their bathroom counter and prefer a more hidden and natural dispenser. 

Why Ramp Sinks are becoming popular in 2020

Ramp sinks are growing increasingly in popularity as more modern designs are in demand. Ramp sinks remove much of the aesthetic drawbacks of the old sink design for a more streamlined appeal and this can greatly add more value to your home as a result. For those looking for a welcome new change to their home, ramp sinks provide an excellent value in both modern design and resale value.

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