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What is an Infinity Tub: 2022 Guide to Infinity Tubs

Shopping for a new bathtub can be an arduous and exhausting experience, with many designs appearing quite similar or often identical in some cases. For a truly unique bathing experience, look no further than an infinity tub, a bathtub designed to appear as close to bathing in a lake or a nice sauna. For those with a higher budget, an infinity bathtub adds a level of luxury to any bathroom. 

What is an Infinity Tub 

An infinity tub or overflow bathtub is a soaking tub with an overflow channel built around the rim of it. The namesake refers to the fact that inside contains no overflow drain and the water is allowed to flow freely over the sides of the bathtub, allowing for a more submersive bathing experience. In addition, in case you forgot to shut the water off, the overflow is collected in the designed channel, which is then pumped and recirculated through your water, hence the name.  parts are unique to an infinity tub?

Outwardly an infinity bathtub appears just like any other soaking bathtub, but the unique design of it’s channel or drain is what sets this bathtub apart. The drain creates a loop between the overflow water to the rest of the water in your house, ensuring that there won’t be flooding, allowing for a more relaxing bathing experience as you do not need to worry about splashing or overflooding your bathtub while bathing. Available in both drop-in variants or freestanding, these bathtubs are generally large, to create an environment similar to bathing in a lake and create a feeling of true submersion.

What is the cost of an infinity Tub

As you might have guessed, infinity bathtubs are not very cheap, requiring custom work to be fitted and working. The bathtub itself ranges from $1,500 starting and can easily climb to $15,000 depending on the size, material and feature set. This is of course not factoring in the custom pump that must be installed and the tile if you choose to install yours on a raised platform, making this bathtub easily one of the more expensive options on the market with a general market price of anywhere from 15,000-20,000 on average. 

What are common sizes of an infinity tubs 

As infinity tubs are seen as more specialized purchases, they can be made to any size and specifications of their users as most people choose to hire a professional for both installation and materials. However, if you choose to buy one commercially, there are a few sizes available. Common sizes are 75×41 inches, 78×45 inches and 103×41 inches. As noted previously, infinity bathtubs tend to be larger bathtubs, and the extra length accounts for the size of the additional overflow channel as well and if you choose to buy one commercially, it is highly advised you seek a professional for installation. 

How many can fit into an infinity tubs 

Since infinity pools tend to be quite large compared to the standard bathtub, they can generally fit a greater number of people. As these bathtubs tend to be custom jobs, their size can vary greatly, allowing anywhere from 2-4 people to sit comfortably, with the largest able to seat anywhere from 5-7 people similar to a hot tub. 


How to Take Care for an Infinity Tub?

Caring for an infinity tub is a bit different than a normal bathtub. In addition to the normal maintenance you perform on your standard bathtub there a few additional steps you will need to take to ensure the longevity of your infinity tub. 

  • Clean your bathtub regularly with non-harmful solutions
  • Make sure the channel or outer drain is clean
  • If your tub has jets, activate them regularly to ensure that no buildup of unwanted materials occurs.
  • Check your water pump to ensure it’s health as it is your primary drain and problems down the road can result from negligence and lack of care.
  • For the water pump specifically, it is recommended that you hire a professional to help maintain it to avoid future headache. 

Infinity pools are indeed a clear sign of luxury and provide a bathing experience like no other. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive, coming in at around 3-4x the price of a normal bathtub in addition to the enormous amount of additional maintenance, quickly adding to the bill. So while they are visually stunning and impressive, it is best to consider your options before purchasing one for your home. 

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