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Important Smart Toilet Features and Benefits

Are you considering a smart toilet or smart toilet seat for your home? Smart toilets are quickly becoming a staple in modern baths, and today, we will explore why that is by discussing features and benefits. We will also discuss proper maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. 

What is a smart toilet?

A smart toilet is a toilet that is outfitted with technological features such as seat warmers, bidet functionality, lighting, self-cleaning functions, and auto flushing. They are designed to provide added comfort, accessibility, and more hygienic features to ensure your toilet stays clean without weekly or monthly maintenance.

Smart Toilet Features:

Your smart toilet comes with a wide host of great features. Here are the most common features you can find on your smart toilet:

Automatic flush

Many smart toilets feature automatic flushing, which uses sensors to detect when the toilet is in use or if the water level has changed. Compared to manual toilet use, you can alter or change when you want your toilet to flush and with how much water you want to use, which will ultimately save you water and is much more hygienic as you aren’t physically touching your toilet.

Automatic Seat

The seat will open and close automatically when not in use to ensure better hygiene in the space. This feature prevents outside contaminants from entering your bathroom and germs from exiting the toilet when it’s not in use. This feature also aids the toilet when it is operating its self-cleaning functionality to ensure a sterile environment.

Night light

Lighting is essential for safety functionality, and you can adjust the brightness and intensity of your smart toilet. These toilets can be controlled manually through Bluetooth commands and feature remote sensors. This feature eliminates any dangers of midnight bathroom trips and makes it easier to see what you are doing without turning on your bathroom or house lights. There are also many different intensities of LED to ensure that the lighting isn’t too intrusive or bright, especially at night.

Multiple cleaning modes

Many smart toilets offer multiple cleaning modes, including rear wash, front wash, and massage wash. You can also adjust the wash position and change the temperature of the water to ensure thorough cleaning.

Air Dryer

Air dryers ensure that your body is completely dry in a sanitary fashion after a thorough wash. Multiple air jets are positioned to ensure you are completely dry before leaving the toilet seat.


Your smart toilet can clean itself like any other appliance, such as your washing machine. You simply input the setting and the thoroughness of cleaning you want, and your toilet will begin cleaning itself. The toilet achieves cleanliness by using a dual-siphonic flushing technique to ensure no residual waste is left behind. However, you should still do inspections and regular maintenance on your toilet every month to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Built-in speaker

Many smart toilets feature a built-in speaker so you can enjoy music, check the weather or play the news while you utilize the facilities. The speaker is generally protected from outside elements, reducing its maintenance as you use your toilet more frequently.

Built-in warmer

A trendy feature is the built-in seat warmer that allows you to adjust the temperature of your seat fully. This warmer can also be controlled through your phone or remote to ensure that the seat stays heated before you use it. This feature is ideal for those 3 am nature calls in mid-winter.


Many smart toilets feature a deodorizer, ensuring your bathroom smells nice in a scented fragrance. This feature is great if you share your home with others or just want your toilet to smell nice after use. You can insert your fragrance and adjust it according to your sensibilities.

Overflow Protection

Overflow protection provides a secondary drain to ensure that your bowl is never in danger of overflowing in the case of a clog or issue. The secondary drain allows water to flow out into your pipes without issue.

Custom water pressure and temperature settings

Smart toilets allow you to adjust the pressure of the bidet functionality and the temperature of your water to ensure that it’s to your liking. If you want, there are also hot/cold massage features, which are great for reaching areas that are typically too tough to reach when bathing.

Smart Toilet Benefits:

Here are the primary benefits of owning a smart toilet and how they can further improve your home:

smart toilet

Better Hygiene

Using your smart toilet is completely hands-free, which limits the transference of germs and other unwanted pathogens in the bathroom. Additionally, the bidet ensures you are clean and completely dry before leaving.

Good water conversation

Water sensors ensure your toilet knows when to use the appropriate water to flush waste, meaning that your toilet uses roughly 50% less water than traditional toilets. You can even adjust the function further, ensuring that your toilet flushes as little as 0.6 gallons of water per flush, lowering your water bill, and is great for the environment.


For disabled and elderly individuals, accessibility is a must. Smart toilets provide a hygienic spray, and their built-in jets remove the need for toilet paper, meaning they do not have to strain themselves or position their bodies in awkward arrangments just to use the toilet. In addition, the presence of voice activation and remote controls also means that the bathroom is a hands-free experience, making it much easier for them.


Although it doesn’t seem like it, smart toilets save you a fair bit of space. Since there isn’t a water tank to add obstruction, you can install a smart toilet wherever it will fit. And since the design is modern, you can place it almost anywhere, like a corner or off to the side of your space.

Smart Toilet Care

Your smart toilet isn’t cheap, so you should know how to properly care for and maintain it. You care for it much like a traditional toilet, but you should avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals when handling electronic or plastic elements. 

Smart toilets have a self-cleaning function, but you should inspect all the components occasionally to ensure everything is in working order. Routine maintenance on the surface of your toilet and the bidet nozzle is highly recommended as well. Use a damp cloth or soft brush in combination with your typical cleaner. Ensure you separate the plastic parts and clean them carefully, as they cannot handle harsh chemicals. The nozzle extends fully, allowing you to use a toothbrush to reach those hard-to-reach spots. 

Now that you know everything about smart toilets and their features, consider one for your home today! The quality of life improvements are worth the money, especially the lower maintenance cost and better hygiene, so consider adding some comfort and modernity into your space today.

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