What is a Heated Soaking Tub? 2023 Heated Bathtub Guide

What are heated soaking tubs

A heated soaking tub is a soaking tub with a specialized pump installed. This pump regulates the flow of warm water through two mini jets and a compact suction. As water is pumped through the system, the pump itself generates heat as it transfers water, which maintains the bath’s temperature and keeps the tub warm throughout use, ensuring that the user never runs the risk of the water getting cold. 

What should I think about before considering a soaking tub?

If you are considering a soaking tub for your home, you should consider that there are a few additional expenses that come with soaking tubs. The first is that your water heating bill will go up as a soaking tub requires a large amount of water to fill. Second, soaking tubs are generally quite large, and as such, your bathroom will need to be equally sized, which not all bathrooms can. And last, additional maintenance will be required for the specialized pump in the event that it breaks down and needs repairs. 

Are heated tubs a popular option

In general, heated tubs are relatively popular. For the homes that can accommodate them, a heated tub is a great alternative for having a cheaper bathtub material that does not have great heat retention. In a similar thought, the price for a higher quality bathtub material with better heat retention might be a more worthwhile investment long term, but the price for both averages out to be about even, so it becomes more a sense of taste as they are both viable options. 

What are common heated tub options

While a water pump can be installed in almost any bathtub, the two most common heated tub options are soaking tubs and whirlpool bathtubs. Below are some of the distinguishing features of each option. 

Wooden Soaking tubs:

 Wooden soaking tubs or japanese soaking tubs are large bathtubs that are constructed from custom Cedar wood which fortifies the temperature of the water. The user submerges themselves into the bath up to their chin and the water is generally very hot. Due to the nature of the material used, the temperature will not dissipate for a period of time, meaning there is little control of how hot the water is. This is seen as the more traditional way to enjoy a heated bath and is meant to provide a spiritual retreat for the user. 


Less traditional is the whirlpool style of heated tub, where the temperature of the water is controlled by a water pump that maintains both water inflow as well as the temperature of the water. The advantage of whirlpools over Japanese soaking tubs is that the temperature of the water can be readily controlled to the user’s liking. The disadvantage is that it is much harder to install than a Japanese soaking tub as it weighs significantly more and is a great deal noiser in comparison. Jacuzzis are a popular brand of whirlpool tubs and are virtually identical to them. 

What are the average cost for a heated tub 

Similar to a jacuzzi, a heated tub starts at around $600 without installation. Small sizes average between $600-1200. Medium sized heated tubs start at around $1500 and easily climb to around $7-8,000. Finally, the largest size starts at around $8,000 and ends at around the $15,000 price range. These are all priced without installation, as installation can easily add an additional $1,000-2,000 depending on if you choose to hire a professional, which is highly advised. 

Is it difficult to install any of the heated tubs 

Heated tubs are generally quite large, and depending on the size, you will need assistance to install it in your home. When compared to other bathtubs, heated tubs are slightly more difficult to install as they require additional parts to function just beyond placing it in your bathroom and connecting it to your water heater and additional pipes. The pump and it’s controls will need to be inspected before installation is complete. 

heated bath example.

How much maintenance does it require for heated tubs 

The most common problem with all heated tubs is a malfunctioning water pump. The pump is perhaps the single most important feature of the heated tub as it controls both the flow of the water as well as temperature regulation. If the pump breaks down, you are looking at around $300 starting to replace it. Beyond the pump itself, the tub is just like any other tub, requiring the same amount of cleaning as other bathtubs require.

What are the benefits of heated tubs

Heated tubs provide a decent range of health benefits to the user. Below are some of the benefits of using a heated tub.

  • Improves Cardiovascular health
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Lower Blood pressure
  • Relieves muscle pain and massages joints
  • Reduces Stress

Heated tubs are generally viewed as an expensive commodity in the bathtub market. And while their popularity isn’t necessarily growing, the health benefits of a heated tub still make a strong argument when compared to other bathtubs in the market. They provide a great number of health benefits to the user and at a slightly higher price than other bathtubs. So if you have the additional space and can afford the cost of one, they make a great addition to any home.

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