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Buying a Freestanding Tub in 2024 – What You Should Know

Unsure of where to buy a freestanding tub? Today, we will help you with that. 

Why people consider freestanding

Freestanding bathtubs remain popular as they are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and flexible enough to be installed anywhere you wish. Their design also allows you to appreciate the quality of the material compared to other bathtub styles, where the material is mostly hidden beneath a guard or a covering. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Provides a deeper, immersive soak
  • High Resale Value
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Flexible Placement 

1. Where to shop

When it comes to freestanding bathtubs there are quite a few locations to shop; between retail and custom locations, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Here are the most popular stores to shop for a bathtub:


A new company with a proven track record, Badeloft offers high-quality freestanding bathtubs specializing in stone resin. Although their selection is limited, each bathtub is individually inspected for quality assurance and they offer custom options should you want a more specialized tub for your home

Home Depot

A large retail chain offering a diverse catalogue of bathtubs and home appliances. Home Depot is a great stop if you want to inspect your bathtub in person or compare different styles to see which suits your home. They offer a 180-day return policy should you find the bathtub not to your liking. 


Lowes offers a lare selection of bathtub types and like Home Depot, you can physically inspect your bathtub in person. They offer a 90-day return policy if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. 


A larger retail vendor that offers anything, including bathtubs. They carry a wide selection of material options, but their quality will vary significantly, and there is no guarantee that the bathtub will be returnable should you find anything wrong. . 


Similar to Amazon, Wayfair offers custom bathtubs as well as mass-manufactured tubs. However, their return policy is only 30 days and results vary with their customer service. 


Another large internet retailer, Overstock specializes in overstocked merchandise, offering custom and mass-manufactured bathtubs. However, since they are an online retailer, you cannot visibility inspect the quality of the tub and are at the mercy of their return policy should something go wrong. 


Retail locations offer a wide selection of pre-fabricated models with varying material choices. While they have a large selection, you won’t find it in a retail store if you are after a specialized material or want a unique bathtub design. However, retail locations are a great starting point in seeing which styles appeal to you and what material is most attractive in person


  • Wide Selection
  • Quality Assurance
  • Immediate Availability
  • Deals and Discounts available
  • Return and Exchange Policy


  • Customization is limited
  • Varying return policy
  • Quality varies from store to store


Custom locations provide bathtubs usually in limited materials, but their quality is significantly higher than mass-produced bathtubs. Many of these companies specialize in a specific bathtub style, and they will work with you to ensure they design and produce a bathtub that you want. 


  • High customization
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Get exactly what you want


  • Expensive
  • No return policy or limited
  • Must wait for delivery or availability, sometimes 3-4 months

2. Measure your Space

Before you hunt for a freestanding bathtub, it is critical that you first measure your space. This ensures that you know exactly how large of a bathtub your bathroom can sustain. Additionally, you should ensure that your floor is up to the task of holding the extra water weight as well. 

3. Select Your Style

When purchasing a freestanding tub, these are the most common styles available on the market:

  • Soaking-A deeper freestanding bathtub designed for full immersion. Ideally, you can sit or lay comfortably with the bathtub supporting your entire body. 
  • Clawfoot-The classic freestanding bathtub with four clawfoot points to support the tub.
  • Double-ended-A modern design with two symmetrical ends, designed to support at least 2 people. 
  • Single Slipper-A single slipper tub has a slopped lip on one side, usually for supporting the individual while bathing. 
  • Double Slipper-Double slippers have a slopped lip on each side to support two individuals or provide more room for one. 

Common FAQs about buying a freestanding bathtub

Here are the most common questions around buying a freestanding bathtub

Are Freestanding bathtubs good for soaking?

Yes, their increased depth makes them ideal for soaking compared to more traditional bathtub designs. If you want even more depth, a soaking bathtub is designed specifically to allow full immersion.  

Are Freestanding tubs easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, freestanding bathtubs are easy to clean and maintain typically because they are constructed from high-quality materials. The better the material, the less maintenance and cleaning it will need. Additionally, all elements of the tub is exposed, allowing you to clean the entire bathtub. Other bathtubs are dropped into ingresses and are sealed, preventing you from cleaning the entirety of them. 

Do Freestanding bathtubs require special plumbing?

Some adjustments will need to be made to accommodate the drain in addition to configuring the overflow. If you have a floor or wall-mounted faucet, you will need special plumbing to accommodate these accessories. 

Can I really place my freestanding bathtub anywhere?

Yes, so long as your bathtub has access to your plumbing/drain and you have sufficient space to maneuver, you can place your bathtub anywhere you wish. 

With your measurements in hand, you are ready to buy a freestanding tub. Just remember to compare prices and material and you will surely find what you’re looking for. 

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