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Buying Bathtubs in Bulk in 2024 – What You Should Know

Looking to buy bathtubs in bulk? Here you can find helpful tips to make the process smooth and hassle-free. 

What is the benefit of wholesale?

Buying items in bulk or wholesale provides benefits and drawbacks, mainly cutting costs. Buying bulk is a great way to save money if you plan on doing a big project. However, you are at the mercy of the market and any changes that may occur. You also need to front a significant amount of money upfront to make a difference, which carries some risks. 

Pro of Buying in Bulk

Here are the main pros of buying bathtubs in bulk

Saves Money

The primary benefit of buying in bulk is that you save money. Oftentimes, distributors need to get rid of excessive inventory, so they are willing to sell to you at a reduced price. 

Quality is consistent

Since the items are usually shipped within a similar window, you can expect a consistent quality and the items won’t be outdated or old before they even leave the store. 

Efficient for Large Projects

Buying items in bulk ensures that you have a steady supply of similar items, making it ideal for big home repair projects or equipping a large residential area. 


Requires large storage space

You will need extensive storage space for your excess bathtubs before they can be installed. This will cost a fair bit of money and space to maintain. 

High initial investment

Remember that you will have to pay a large sum of money upfront even to save money on your purchase, attaching some risk to your purchase. 

Risk of Overstock/market changes

Similar to where you purchased the bathtubs, you risk overstocking your bathtubs. If you intend to sell them, the market may change, resulting in a net loss. However, these are common risks associated with bulk purchases. 

Where to start: Research

Before you attempt to buy your bathtubs in bulk, you will need to apply due diligence. Research the model that you want, account for the size, weight, and how many tubs you are aiming for. This process will eliminate much of the guess work in the early stages and show you where you can shop, as different bathtub types have varying availability. 

Common Wholesale Locations

Below are common wholesale locations for you to try, however, keep in mind that stock at many of these stores will be fairly limited.

Badeloft USA

Badeloft is a boutique luxury bathroom fixture company that provides premium freestanding bathtub solutions. The company was founded in late 2009 and is based in Berlin, Germany. Badeloft tubs are made with non-toxic materials and are non-porous and easy to clean. They are available in matte or glossy black and can be hand-buffed.

Home Depot

One of the largest home improvement retail chains with thousands of locations-they, will likely to have almost every bathtub style you need in any material you want. They offer bulk pricing for almost all their units, starting at 4 units, and they are very reliable in fulfilling your order. 


Similar to Home Depot, Lowes is a large home improvement chain with many locations. However, many of their items are not available for bulk purchasing, so you won’t save as much compared to other options. Their bulk options rotate throughout their current stock, usually with less popular models. 

Local Wholesale

Your local home improvement or wholesale store is another great place to start. While it won’t have the pull and inventory compared to these corporate chains, local stores are more personable. Many will overstock bathtubs and will usually negotiate a fair price with you. 

American Bath Factory

The American Bath Factory is a large corporate entity that sells bulk bathroom fixtures and accessories. They offer discounts and sales on their products and many of their items are available for bulk purchase. However, as they are an online entity, expect to pay for shipping fees. 

Prosource Wholesale

A large wholesale company that deals in home and bath fixtures and accessories. They offer many items for bulk purchase and have quite a large selection of bathtubs for sale. They also offer showrooms for their products, giving you a chance to preview before purchasing. 

Material Concerns

When purchasing items in bulk, remember that certain materials will be harder to source than others. 


Fiberglass will be the easiest bathtub material to find. Fiberglass is very inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install. Expect most companies to carry this material. 


Similar to fiberglass but much more durable, acrylic bathtubs are perhaps the most common bathtub on the market today. They are widely available in varying styles and sizes. 

Stone Resin

Typically a special order item, but many retail locations are beginning to stock the composite material. It is very durable, heavy, and expensive compared to acrylic and fiberglass. This material will be difficult to purchase in bulk. 

Cast Iron

Cast-iron bathtubs are made by coating porcelain over a cast iron tub. The resulting tub is very durable, but very heavy. Many stores will carry cast iron, but purchasing a large quantity in bulk will be difficult. 


Copper bathtubs are among the most durable and expensive bathtubs on the market. While you can attempt to purchase them in bulk, many stores wouldn’t have the stock to meet your demand, making it quite rare. 

Tips to save you money on buying in bulk

Here are ways to help you save money when you purchase bathtubs in bulk. 


Always consider overstock. Although this will require you to shop around quite a bit, note any surplus that stores may be experiencing. This can be a great source of locating bathtubs that stores are trying to offload. However, remember that overstock bathtubs will require a great deal of storage space. 


Although it may be attractive to stay current with trends, aim for bathtubs that have gone out of style or favor. Popular bathtubs will cost a premium, while out-of-style bathtubs can be obtained for a significant discount. When you are purchasing large quantities of bathtubs, this can quickly add up. 

Store Closure

Look for store closures or business sales, as these are great places to hunt for deals. Many stores will offer their inventory within a 30-50% discount, so don’t miss out. However, remember that if you purchase bathtubs from store closures, any defects or problems will be handed off to you as there is no one to complain to or hold accountable.

When purchasing bathtubs in bulk, there are quite a few options available, so do your research, be vigilant, and ensure you have appropriate space before buying.  

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