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What is a Bathtub Filter? 2020 Bathtub Filter Guide

A bathtub filter is essentially an attachment that fits over your faucet spout in your shower or bathtub. This attachment is a bathtub filter that is meant to catch any impurities or chemicals such as chlorinated water and provide clean/safe water for you to bathe with. Water filters range in price and quality, with the more expensive variants able to filter out a wide variety of metals, chemicals and other solutions in your water, whereas the basic filters remove substances like chlorine out of your water. 

Why are they important

Filters are important for long term health and longevity. Since most water contains some traces of chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, flame retardants and other harmful substances, filtering these solutions out is better for your overall health. This applies to both drinking water and of course bathing water as well. 

Types of filters for bath and shower 

With filters there are several options available on the market. Today we will focus on the primary two for the bathroom, which include the shower and the bath. Choosing the correct filter will ultimately depend on if you have a shower or bath, alternatively you can purchase both and use them as you see fit.  

  • Bathtub faucet – A bathtub filter is attached to the base of the water faucet and essentially acts as a third party faucet. The filter collects water from the faucet then filters it through it’s system, removing any impurities before providing clean and safe water on the other end. Keep in mind that most of the water you bathe with will be provided by the filter so regular cleaning and maintenance of the filter is recommended.
  • Shower head faucetA shower head filter is a spherical device that is inserted in between your water supply and the primary faucet. The filter catches all the impurities from the water and your water spout only releases clean water on the other end. These typically come with multiple shower heads for different water speeds, and similar to the bathtub faucet, will require swapping out when the filter no longer functions.

Benefits of water filters

Water filters carry a large degree of benefits, most of them surrounding your individual health. Below are some key benefits to owning and installing a water filter in your home. 

  • Filters chlorinated water – The most dangerous component of local tap water is the presence of chlorine and trace amounts of lead. In small quantities, this isn’t a giant cause of alarm, but over time this can create health problems, especially if you are exposed to this type of water over the course of many years. Filters remove many different substances, but most importantly, they remove chlorine and lead which can be especially harmful to pregnant women.
  • Filters bacteria – Yes, local tap water contains trace amounts of bacteria, and filters help to keep it out of your bathing and drinking water. This isn’t limited to just bacteria however, as viruses have been known to spread through the water supply. Filters help to prevent these bacteria and other harmful substances from reaching you. 
  • Removes hard water Hard water is essentially water that is rich in mineral count. While this is generally harmless to your body, hard water can leave calcium carbonate deposits in your bathroom, effectively damaging it. Filtration helps to remove hard water and keep your bathroom clean.
  • Helps dry skin Tap water usually contains high amounts of minerals, which if exposed to your skin, can easily dry it out. Filtered water removes any impurities in the water, ensuring that your skin does not easily dry out or become more irritated from exposure to shower water.
  • Helps lung and sinus irritationTap water contains traces of chlorine and lead, which can be incredibly harmful to your lungs and sinuses if exposed over a long period of time. By filtering your water, any lung or sinus irritation will be relieved through long term exposure to cleaner water.
  • Can save moneyIn the long run, filters can easily save you money by keeping your bathroom clean and your household in a bill of good health. Although it is seemingly costly upfront with changing out filters, your bathroom and pipes will not have to suffer through hard water deposits and other obnoxious substances long term.

Do bathtub water filters remove most contaminants? 

Yes, bathtub water filters will remove most contaminants from your water. Through the use of physical and chemical filtration, the larger contaminants will be collected beforehand and the smaller substances such as chlorine will be washed away when the water comes into contact with the rest of the filter. The more expensive filters will collect a larger degree of dangerous material whereas the more affordable filters will at least remove harmful substances such as chlorine. 

How do bathtub water filters work 

So we noted the benefits of a water filter previously, but how does it actually work? 

With filters, there are two general ways that water is filtered: Physical filtration and chemical filtration. Physical filtration is similar to a strainer or colander when cooking-when the water moves through the filter, a physical barrier removes and collects the larger particles, allowing the water to pass through without these elements. Chemical filtration on the other hand, uses simple chemical reactions from other material to remove smaller impurities that physical filters can’t catch.

  1. Water passes through the filter.
  2. The larger substances are collected by the physical filtration
  3. Activated carbon filters trap the remaining contaminants, with the carbon acting like a magnet for substances such as lead and other contaminants.
  4. Lastly, chemicals such as Chlorine are reduced when the water comes into contact with the activated carbon
  5. The water you receive on the other end is safe for you to use.

How long do bathtub water filters last?

Bathtub filters generally last anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on average usage. However, since all cases will vary significantly depending from person to person, it is best to check the packaging or consult the company about a more accurate time frame. If your filter acts up, it is best to replace it as soon as possible.

Where to purchase a water filter

Water filters are available from nearly all major retailers. For in-store purchases, Lowes, Home Depot, and local hardware stores will certainly carry them in stock. For online purchases, Walmart, Amazon and other reputable online retailers can suit your needs. With the current state of Covid, all retailers will provide no-contact pickup if online delivery is not available in your region, ensuring your safety. 

Water filters are an important addition to your bathroom and your health long term. They are inexpensive and easy to install and add to the longevity of your bathroom long term. So, for your health and those in your household, consider installing a bathtub filter in your home today. 

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