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¾ Bath vs Full Bath – The Main Differences and Common Questions for Home Owners

What are the key differences between a ¾ bath and a full bath, and which is right for your home? Today, we will answer this question and help you make a better decision.

A full bathroom has a sink, a bathtub, a shower, and a toilet. On the other hand, a ¾ bath has three out of the four fixtures listed above, usually either a bathtub or a shower.

Here are the key differences between the two broken down:


Full bathrooms are more expensive than a half bath because they require a larger space, and you have to install four separate fixtures over just three. A full bath will cost between $7,000-30,000, and a ¾ bath will cost $5,000-18,000. This cost will vary depending on whether your bathroom is a remodel of an existing space or an entirely new addition. If you are looking to make a new addition to your home, expect to pay $10,000 more, and you have to have specific permits cleared as well. 

Overall value

When it comes to value, a full bathroom provides the highest value and utility for your home. Although it carries a high initial investment, a full bathroom provides more space and more fixtures for your home. This makes a full bath much better for a large family, as multiple users can utilize the space more efficiently. In addition, a full bathroom provides a significant boost to your home’s resale value as it is much more attractive to potential buyers. 

Higher Maintenance cost

For it’s many benefits, a full bath does require a great deal of maintenance. With multiple fixtures, these elements are prone to issues, especially with heavy use. If ignored, they can pose severe issues or damage to your bathroom. Conversely, a ¾ bath has a lower maintenance cost with fewer fixtures to worry about. 

Ease of Installation

A ¾ bath is much easier to install as there are fewer fixtures to manage. The space is also smaller, so adding it to a home is much easier as there are fewer plumbing and electrical lines to concern yourself with. However, the space is smaller than a full bath, so proper planning is required for a successful installation. 

Higher Resale Value

A full bath provides your home with the highest resale value as there are multiple fixtures and there is a higher difficulty/cost compared to a ¾ bath. Regarding the resale value of your home, materials and initial investment will determine your ROI or return on investment. A full bath will have four fixtures, whereas a ¾ bath will only have 3 fixtures, combined with the general size of the space. 

Design and Layout

When designing your layout, a full bathroom will provide you with significantly more space, giving you more layout and design options. A ¾ bathroom will be much more limited as you have less space to work with, and this will also determine your available plumbing and electrical setup. If you want more freedom in planning out your space, a full bath is the better option.

Better for Families

A full bath offers both shower and a bathtub, which will satisfy the needs of multiple users. The larger size also provides more storage space for toiletries and other bathroom essentials. A ¾ bath is not a small bathroom, but it will have less overall space compared to a full bath. And for large families, bathroom space is a necessary premium. 

Common Questions

Here are some common questions to consider when making your choice:

When should I consider a full bath over a ¾ bath?

If you have the option, it is best to consider a full bathroom over any other size. A full bath will provide your home with the largest boost to resale value, has extra space and will have extra fixtures in place. In addition, a full bath is close in size and cost to a ¾ bath, so the difference in installation work is minimal. However, if you simply can’t afford the extra space, a ¾ bath is a happy medium between a full bath and a half bath, giving you an excellent compromise.

Will a smaller bathroom lower my home’s value?

It is a common misconception that a small bathroom will lower your home’s value. Any bathroom will boost your home’s value, however, a large bathroom will provide a higher monetary boost than a smaller bathroom. Just keep in mind that upgrading from a small bathroom to a large bathroom will cost significantly more than the value you gain when selling, so consider that carefully.. 

Overall, which is better for my home?

Overall, a full bath is recommended for any home as it can accommodate multiple users, has the largest amount of available space and design flexibility. It will require significant investment compared to a ¾ bathroom, but a full bath will also provide your home with the highest ROI in comparison. 

Regardless of which bathroom you choose for your home, remember to properly measure out your space and consider the needs of your entire household. While a full bath is definitely the recommended option, every household is different and the extra costs may not be worth the heavy investment if the bathroom doesn’t see use.

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