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20+ Advantages of a Bathtub in 2024

Today, we will look at the many advantages of owning a bathtub and how they can greatly benefit your health, your wallet and the vibrancy of your home.

1. Many different types of bathtubs

Bathtubs are available in many types, giving you a large degree of flexibility depending on the needs of your household. Freestanding bathtubs are ideal for all users as their material is generally high quality and they can be easily placed anywhere in your bathroom. Drop-in bathtubs are ideal for all bathrooms as they can be made to fit a small or large space.

Traditional clawfoot tubs are freestanding bathtubs but tend to be much larger than normal designs, making them ideal for larger bathrooms. Japanese soaking tubs give you the freedom and benefits of a freestanding bath while their circular design allows them to fit in even the smallest bathroom. Lastly, we have jet tubs that are ideal for those who want to add additional comforts while bathing as these tend to be large drop-in bathtubs that have powered water jets similar to a whirlpool and jacuzzi.

2. Many different sizes

As with types, bathtubs are available in a large variety of sizes allowing them to fit in any bathroom space. Even in the types of bathtubs, there are variations in size. Freestanding bathtubs, for example, are considered large sized bathtubs and are designed to fit a large space with a great deal of room. However, even with freestanding bathtubs, there are small, medium and large sized freestanding bathtubs.

Their shapes and dimensions can also be customized so they take less room and afford you more space. With new designs being introduced, you would be hard pressed to not find a bathtub that can fit just about any bathroom you have. 

3. Many different materials

Different materials drastically change the quality and feel of your bathtub. Each material also carries different benefits to your bathtub such as copper with it’s high durability and heat retention, or stone resin with it’s high heat retention and easy maintenance.

Acrylic is similarly easy to clean and lightweight, while on the other end, cast-iron is one of the best materials for heat retention but is also one of the heaviest materials. Many bathtub materials possess positives and negatives, with many of the higher quality materials possessing less negative traits. 

4. Many different colors

Bathtubs allow for a great deal of customization in terms of color. Changing the color of your bathtub is essential for bringing contrasting colors and breathing new life into your bathroom. A different colored bathtub can change the complexity and highlight different aspects of your existing bathroom space or provide a template for a new design.

Keep in mind that you will be limited somewhat by your bathtub’s material, but most material is available in a wide diversity of colors that can easily make your bathroom appear more modern, classic or something new to your tastes. 

5. Easier Placement

Compared to other bathtubs on the market, freestanding bathtubs are among the easiest to install. Their design ensures that the most difficult aspect of installation is simply hauling and placing the bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs can be placed anywhere you have available space and do not require adjacent walls. This means you have a greater deal of freedom in placing the bathtub wherever you want. Once it’s placed, you simply need to connect requisite plumbing and you have a working bathtub.

This is in contrast to drop-in style bathtubs where you need to ensure that you have a carved out recess to place the bathtub into. Afterwards, you need to ensure that the bathtub is bonded and sealed to the adjoining wall to prevent leaks or cracks from forming. 

6. Easier bathing for young children

Families with young children will benefit the most from having a bathtub as it is great for kids and the parents. Children cannot use showers or anything tall, so bathtubs are great for parents to assist their children while they bathe. Bathtubs tend to be quite large so they can easily accommodate an adult and a few children at a time.

Additionally, elderly individuals who require assistance bathing will also benefit from having a bathtub as it is much easier to bathe individuals than using a shower. 

7. Acts as a centerpiece for your bathroom

A bathtub provides a grand spectacle and focal point for your bathroom. If you want a piece of furniture to style your bathroom around, your bathtub is an ideal place to start. Classic clawfoot tubs pair well with bright aesthetics such as white, gold and copper.

Whereas many modern freestanding bathtubs pair well with darker colors such as black, grey, white and other colors that help contrast with the bathtub. Your bathtub is a useful piece of functional decor so make sure to pair it with the right colors to highlight and make it the centerpiece of your bathroom. 

8. Health and Wellness Benefits

Soaking provides many great health and wellness benefits. The combination of warm water over long periods of time can help to reduce stress which simultaneously relaxes your muscles. High stress can lead to an increase of muscle tension and other unhealthy side-effects such as weight gain, so a nice soaking bath can be the answer for a positive change for your health. This can further be enhanced by adding scented oils and aromatherapy with your bath.  

9. Can control the amount of water used

The water bill at the end of the month can be quite large depending on your shower use. Bathtubs allow you to greatly control the amount of water you use which can help you save a great deal of money over time. Bathtubs may use more water than a shower, but you can easily control how much water you use whereas a shower will usually result in excess water more easily.  

10. Increases the resale value of your home 

Your bathtub can have a significant impact on the resale value of your home. Generally, the more expensive and difficult to install a bathtub is, the more valuable it is to a potential buyer. And although freestanding bathtubs are easy to install, they are considerably more valuable to homeowners than drop-in bathtubs due to their attractive aesthetic.

Bathtubs are also important to potential families as young children and the elderly will need a bathtub, which further increases their value. In general, it is fairly common for most homeowners to get around 85-100% of their bathtub’s value back when selling their home, which makes it a valuable addition. 

11. Bathing can improve heart health

Although bathing in high temperatures can put unnecessary strain on your heart, especially if you have a pre-existing heart condition, taking a warm bath will make your heart beat faster and can give it a healthy work out.

12. Taking a bath may help you to breathe easier

Being immersed in water past your chest with your head out, can have a good influence on your lung capacity and oxygen intake. There are two factors that contribute to this; the temperature of the water and the pressure the water places on your chest and lungs. When the water is warmer and your heart is beating faster, your oxygen intake can be improved and the steam created can clear your sinuses and chest.

13. Your brain and nervous system can benefit from bathing

Submergence in water can reduce pain and inflammation and also calm the nervous system, reducing the levels of stress and anxiety in the body and improving your mood. Hydrotherapy can help people who suffer from multiple sclerosis as the temperature and pressure of the water gently relieves the spine of pain and discomfort.

14. Bathing can benefit your muscles, joints and bones

Stretching and moving in water has been shown to be low impact on the joints, muscles and bones, but very effective in providing an adequate workout through resistance. There is also less chance of injury for people who are at risk of falls, which makes aquatic exercise ideal for the elderly.

15. Take care of your blood and immunity with a bath

Not only does a warm bath make the blood flow easier, it also makes it more oxygenated by allowing you to breathe deeper and slower, particularly when taking in steam. Taking a hot bath or spa can kill bacteria and improve immunity. It can relieve the symptoms of cold and flu.

16. Balance your hormones by bathing

Conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and some fertility issues can be assisted by bathing in colder temperatures. Hormones released by the pituitary gland such as adrenocorticotropic hormone or ACTH and other hormones such as beta endorphinand cortisol can become more balanced. Alternatively, warm water bathing can increase levels of serotonin, which is the chemical produced by the brain associated with happiness and well being.

17. Bathing cleanses and moisturizes your skin, hair and eyes

Exposure to fluid through bathing and steaming is a great way to ensure hydration of the body in all aspects. The human body is made mostly of water and that is why we are encouraged to drink plenty of it. But soaking in it is also extremely beneficial. We can enhance this by adding certain oils or salts to a bath or bathing in a natural body of water or pool, rich in naturally occurring minerals.

18. Your core body temperature will be optimal through bathing

There is no quicker and more pleasant way to regulate your body temperature than through bathing. On a cold day, taking a hot bath or spa is sure to warm you up. Going for a cold ocean swim in the height of summer is undeniably the best way to cool off.

Evidence has shown that bathing, whether in cold or hot water; at home in a vessel or out in a natural body of water can have many health benefits without adverse effects. However, it is advised that a health professional is consulted if pre-existing health conditions or diseases are present before embarking on any form of hydrotherapy.

Bathtubs bring a host of different advantages to any home. From comfort, aesthetic to monetary value, bathtubs are a key component to any home and make a welcome addition for any family. 

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