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What is a .75 Bathroom? 2020 Guide to .75 Bathrooms

.75 blue bathroom.
by Badeloft | June 28, 2020

A .75 or ¾ bath is a bathroom that contains one sink, one toilet and a shower or a bath. Traditionally, a full bath contains at least one sink, one toilet, a shower and a bath, so a .75 bathroom only has either a shower or a bath. Typically a .75 is the most common bathroom type as it allows for all the functionality of a normal bathroom while allowing the homeowner to save space. 

Common types of bathrooms in a home

Half baths and .75 bathrooms are the most common types in most homes. This is because these two types of bathrooms afford the most functionality while allowing for an acceptable area of space. It is fairly common for a home to have either 1-2 either half baths or .75 baths.  Full baths are also common, but there is usually only one located in most homes as they tend to be quite large and are generally next to the master bedroom. 

.75 bathroom

Difference between .75 bathroom vs a full bathroom

The primary difference between a .75 bath and a full bath is that a full bath contains both a shower and a bathtub, whereas a .75 bath only contains one of those items. Because of this, a full bath tends to be quite a great deal larger than a .75 bath because it needs to fit both a shower and a bathtub. Generally, full baths are seen as more appealing bathrooms, and thus are more valuable for your house’s overall value than .75 bathrooms, but .75 are more economical for space.

Difference between a .75 bathroom and a .25 bathroom

The difference between a .75 and a .25 or quarter bath is that a .75 has nearly all the fixtures of a normal bathroom, such as a toilet, a sink, and either a shower or bathtub. A quarter bath has only one fixture; either a toilet, a sink, a shower or bathtub. But commonly, a quarter bathroom only has either a toilet or sink. This greatly limits the functionality of this room, but quarter baths are a necessity for homes with space issues. 

Cost of an average .75 bathroom?

Adding a new bathroom can cost anywhere between $5,000-50,000. This price tag is dependent on two factors: if this is a new addition to your home or work on an existing space and of course the size. The larger the bathroom, the more expensive this cost will be, conversely, working on an existing space will be around 30-40% cheaper than adding a new addition to your home. Since a .75 bath still requires at least 3 amenities, it will still require a fair amount of space. For a small .75 bath, the average cost is anywhere between 10-15,000 if you are installing on an existing space. Medium and large will run you an average of 20-35,000 if you are installing on an existing space. If you are trying to add a new medium or large ¾ bath to your home, your price will be around 35,000 and up. 

.75 blue bathroom.

Does a .75 bathroom bring value to your home?

In general, yes, having more baths in your home will add value to your home. And since its functionality is higher than a half or quarter bath, .75 are quite desirable. But if you want to add more value to your home, remember that a full bath is still the most desirable of all the bathrooms. Conversely, a bathtub is much more valuable than a shower, as most homebuyers gravitate more towards a bathtub than a shower. 

Should I add a bathtub to my 3/4s bathroom?

In general, this question will depend on what the needs of your home are. For those living alone, adding a bathtub to a ¾ and making it a full bath may not be very economical. A ¾ bath is a great bathroom that allows for a great deal of functionality while still saving your home some space. If you have a large family with multiple kids and pets, then perhaps a full bath is more desirable as it can suit the needs of multiple people at once. If so, then you should consider converting to a full bath. 

A .75 or ¾ bath is a great option for those living alone and for those that want to save a little space. Not every house can have multiple full bathrooms, so .75 are a great economical option. Although it may not appear as attractive as a full bath, a .75 is still a good value for those looking for all the functionality of a normal bathroom while still being economical about space. 


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