Bathroom Furniture

Bathtub Shape

Badloft Sink Vanities

Sink vanities are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any Badeloft countertop sink. They are made of heavy-duty European oak in your choice of natural or dark oak. Vanities weigh between 88-149 lbs and can support even Badeloft’s heaviest stone sinks.

There are two vanity sizes to choose from. The small size provides ample room for a small or medium-sized sink and hygiene accessories. It houses one handle-free storage drawer that blends seamlessly with the vanity exterior. It is ideal for use in half baths or modest bathrooms.

The large vanity is double the length of the small version. It provides extra counter space and two drawers. This vanity is recommended for mid-sized bathrooms, guest baths, and master baths.

Badeloft Bath Caddies

Bath caddies provide a secure surface to keep your bathing accessories, smartphone, or Kindle while in the bath. Badeloft bath caddies were designed to work with all tubs, but they are especially fit for use with Badeloft tubs.

Badeloft caddies are made to fit Badeloft tubs and add to their aesthetic appeal. Our stone resin material and the glossy curves featured in many Badeloft models may cause other bath caddies to slip. Badeloft’s oak caddies were designed specifically for the shape and make of our tubs.

For the ultimate in durability, and to bring out the natural gleam of European oak, Badeloft caddies are coated five times in a polyurethane solution. They are impervious to water and damage, and they accentuate your tub’s look even when it is not in use.

Bath caddies are available in natural and dark oak. Each caddy is carved and hand-finished to bring out the unique graining of its veneer.