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5 Innovative Ways to Save on a Bathroom Remodel

by Badeloft | November 16, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, remodeling a bathroom doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive.

If you are willing to do some searching and put in a little elbow grease, you can still get the picture-perfect results you are envisioning without blowing the budget.

While bigger jobs like shower glass installation are probably best left to the professionals, you can opt to do a lot of the other renovation work yourself and seek out materials that cost less without losing out on quality or function.

Below are a few low-cost ideas that can help you turn a fixer-upper opportunity into your dream bathroom for a fraction of the price.

Change out smaller fixtures for big results

It may not sound like much but doing something as simple as replacing the doorknobs and drawer pulls on your bathroom cabinetry can completely change the space in minutes. Take it a step further and install new towel bars to match for a more cohesive design. The fixtures don’t have to be high-priced to look the part.

modern bathroom
Source: LivvyLand

Replacing your existing faucets, controls, and showerheads can also have a huge impact. You can find affordable designs in trendy finishes without having to spend a fortune, especially if you take a look at your local resale stores. Having a new showerhead with a few adjustable settings is always a nice plus to a recently remodeled bathroom.

Shop thrift stores for unique pieces

Secondhand shops aren’t just good for fixtures; you can also get some great decorative pieces to add to your finished bathroom. Rather than go with a standard, flat mirror above the sink, you could keep your eyes open for something with a unique frame for a pop of character. You could even buy a few different, smaller mirrors for a fun, artistic twist that still serves the functional purpose you need.

It’s likely you will find a few odds and ends that could be used as artwork or toiletry storage on top of your counter as you spend time perusing the shelves of nearby thrift stores, much of it still in decent condition or salvageable with a coat of paint. You could spray paint jars in metallic tones to hold toothbrushes or put an already-owned art print into a newly discovered frame.

candles in bathroom

Whether your vibe is a more eclectic layering of pieces or you prefer your bathroom accessories to match down to an exact color shade, there are endless possibilities to what you can bring together with a little creativity and luck of the find.

Recycle old furniture into an eye-catching vanity

Keep your eyes peeled for sturdy, reusable furniture while you’re looking through hand-me-down treasures. Refinishing old dressers to function as bathroom vanities are trending. The top and back surfaces can be cut to fit the sink basin and plumbing, and the options are limitless when compared with standard cabinet setups. When mixed with other items like beautifully framed bathroom mirrors, it can really help to give the space a warm, vintage feel that is inviting as well as charming.

tile as a decorative touch
Source: Freudvonfreunden

You don’t have to stop at a vanity, either. You could add a refinished end table for an easy landing zone near a bathtub or paint an armoire a fun, vibrant color and use it for storage on a long wall in a larger space.

Make it cozy and perfectly fit your daily routines by placing furniture exactly where you need it to store your linens and catch the items you frequently need to put down temporarily. 

Use expensive tile sparingly as a decorative touch

Before you retile a shower or backsplash, consider going with something simple and affordable for the majority of the surface you intend to cover. Save the more expensive, ornate tile for accent sections or use them as edge pieces. You can add splashes of color and create interesting designs this way without spending your entire budget on tile alone or feeling like you had to completely sacrifice the tile you truly wanted in order to save a buck.

Consider using materials with cosmetic imperfections

Sometimes you can get really good discounted rates on supplies that are not in pristine condition. For example, if you are planning to put your countertop sinks into a new granite surface, go for the slab of stone that has a defect in a spot that will easily be hidden by the installed sinks. You get the same durable counter for way less because the affected area doesn’t have any bearing on your finished presentation.

make the space yours

Make the bathroom your own

Regardless of how you go about your bathroom remodel, make sure to add touches of your personality and preferences. Thrift store finds, and creative tiling are just a few of the ways you can add some pizazz to a room typically not thought of as a home for trendy furniture or favorite artwork. Making the space your own will help you feel proud of the finished room regardless of the price tag.


Author: Brittany Hughes is the senior editor and communications specialist at Residential Glass, a professional glass and home window repair & replacement located in Pittsburgh, PA.

When not writing, Brittany enjoys gourmet cooking with her sister and traveling to tropical beaches where she does fitness and jogging.

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