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How to Get a New Bathroom Look Without Renovating

envisioning a bathroom sink remodel
by Badeloft | October 13, 2016

Updating a bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean breaking out the sledgehammer or spending a ton of money. Whether your bathroom could use a mini makeover or is downright ugly, pick and choose from the ideas below to get a new bathroom look without renovating.

Figure Out What You Dislike About The Bathroom And Tackle That First

It could be as simple as replacing an old-fashioned oak toilet seat with a sleeker, more modern one or adding a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color to brighten the room.

Spruce Up The Walls

Peeling wallpaper and grubby paint can occur over time, affecting the room’s aesthetic. A gentle cleaning may be enough to bring back a painted wall’s luster. Depending on the condition of your wallpaper and your personal ambition, consider using a little wallpaper adhesive or removing the wallpaper completely. What about ugly bathroom tiled walls? If you dislike the pink or turquoise tile the previous homeowners loved so much, it’s okay — and it’s fixable without having to demolish the entire bathroom. All you need is a good oil-based primer coat and suitable paint. Test the primer and paint in an inconspicuous area first to ensure the results will be to your satisfaction.

Add New Fixtures

Investing in high quality, beautiful fixtures can go a long way toward updating your bathroom’s look. From light fixtures to free standing faucets and showerheads, the style choices are virtually unlimited. Whether you want a modern bathroom look or something more rustic, bathroom fixtures can set the mood and add a touch of charm. Not only will the bathroom look better for your efforts, you’ll enjoy spending time in it.

Add New Hardware

Door knobs, cabinet pulls, towel racks, toilet paper holders… These all count as bathroom hardware upgrades that can really make a difference. You may find that your boring white bathroom cabinets provide the perfect canvas for eye-catching hinges or unique door pulls.


While you might not be ready to tear out your bathroom vanity and install a new wall mount sink, you can still create a spa-like atmosphere with the right bathroom accessories. Clear out the clutter, throw away the ugly shower curtain, and add a few signature accessories that you truly love.

Finally, tie everything together with elegant towels in a matching or contrasting color and prepare to be impressed with yourself.


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