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Quality & Characteristics of our Freestanding Tubs & Sinks

Badeloft USA – Beautiful, high quality bathtubs and sinks

Each and every bathtub and sink manufactured by Badeloft is distinctly made with the unique components of high-quality stone resin. We manufacture our stone resin mineral baths and sinks in a versatility of sizes and shapes, accommodating the most intimate of boudoirs and the grandest of master bathrooms.

Let the quality and beauty of products offered by Badeloft convince you that you have made the right choice…when you choose to furnish your most intimate settings with Badeloft products, we are choosing a lifetime of sensuality and comfort.

Let the quality and beauty of Badeloft USA products convince you … we know you’ll love them.

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stone resin bathtubs

Characteristics and Finish

Similar to Corian, stone resin is a composite of acrylic polymer and natural minerals. It is an ideal material for high quality bathtub surfaces. Our products are manufactured with special detail to the material used in the production process and are eco-friendly, non-toxic materials that are safe for the clients body. Our stone resin is 100% non-porous and therefore unaffected by fluctuating moisture or humidity.

Stone resin creates a closed, edge-free and nonporous area that provides superior resistance against bacteria, mold, dirt, stains, heat, chemicals, scratching, flaking and breakage. It is very easy to clean and nonabrasive to your skin. Even with normal daily use, this solid and nontoxic material is engineered to last a lifetime.

The thin-walled rim of our bathtubs provides more room to bathe. This, in turn, takes up less space in the bathroom. Badeloft USA bathtubs can be placed in the center of the room or near a wall, leaving ample room to move about. Moreover, the high insulation capacity of our stone resin bathtubs ensures stable water temperature and, therefore, a longer bathing time.

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Selection of surfaces and colors

You can choose between the following surfaces and colors:

matte glossy