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Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas

by Badeloft | May 20, 2016

Design excellence is not determined by square footage. A small space can shine as a canvas for outfitting a room. It’s mostly a matter of clearing up space and fixing the fixtures to fit the look you want and meet the requirements you need.

Let these five ideas for modern small bathroom design percolate some inspiration for what can be achieved in your small bathroom.

Tip 1: Bare the Bones

Create space where it didn’t previously exist. Remove bulky cabinets that rob you of space. The poorly laid-out cabinetry here eats up a lot of square footage.

Tip 2: Create More Space

Determine where usable gaps exist inside walls and convert that wasted space with recessed shelves. This provides storage while retaining a clean edge flush with the wall. Caveat: Do not use this newfound space to add clutter. Keep it neat and minimalistic. From the photo below, you can see how space was created with a simple freestanding tub and free standing faucet combo.

Tip 3: Lift the Commode

More floor space can be freed up by installing a wall hung toilet. No, you won’t use the space below the commode for storage, but anytime you can subtract items from a room, you can add to the room by creating an airier environment, which feels larger, even if you never use the newly-exposed square footage. Get things off the floor as much as you can, including the toilet.

Tip 4: Float Your Sink

This Badeloft WT-06 wall mounted sink uses a space smaller than 16″ wide by 10″ deep to boldly express understated elegance. This easy-to-clean unit’s scooped bowl design with infinity edges seems to almost float in the room. It is compact modernism perfection and helps transform your bathroom into an amazing spa.

Tip 5: Tub or Shower or Combo

A sole shower stall is preferred in very small bathrooms. Here, simple, compact fixtures leading up to the shower. The stall is enclosed in clear glass, extending the eye’s view to the full depth of the room, whereas a shower curtain or opaque enclosure would force the feel of the room to be much smaller. Note, too, how this bathroom takes advantage of the usable space within walls to sink in shelves and recess the mirror, which, again, adds greater sideways dimension to the otherwise straight room.

Tiny spaces often cannot allow room to separate bathing conveniences, so a combination style may serve best if a small freestanding tub is needed. But, look at your bathroom with a creative eye. What might otherwise be wasted space could serve as the perfect spot for a freestanding bathtub.

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