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What is a material sample?

A square tile of our material in both matte and glossy finish. The quality of our stone resin is what sets us apart, so we are happy to send you examples to compare before purchasing.

What is a bathtub template?

A template is a full size printout of our tubs. These will help you decide which model you like best and help you plan where it will look best in your space.

Request a FREE Material Sample and Bathtub Templates

Fill out this form to become our Industry Partner. If you are not in the trades, please fill out the retail form.

Please use the following form to get your free material samples (matte and glossy).
Or send us an email at usa@badeloft.com.

Please check up to 3 boxes. If more than 3 templates are desired,
please contact us at (877) 892-3445: *

Please choose which templates you would like to include with your material sample.